Ann Marie's Bridal Tea Party


Ann Marie's Bridal Tea Party

Ann Marie, surrounded by family and friends, celebrated her Bridal Tea Party in downtown New Orleans at the Windsor Court Hotel. This was such a fun event to photograph, everyone was dressed in their best with hats to match!


Amelia + Jason - Engaged

Amelia reached out to me earlier this month to photograph her engagement session. After we went over the details, we decided to go to City Park, one of our favorite places in the city. 

The day we shot was beautiful with a slight overcast with a soft breeze. We instantly connected as we had a lot in common, and over the course of an hour, we got to know each other and even learned we knew some of the same people (y'all know NOLA is super small).

Amelia, a Retention Specialist, and Jason, an Account for the City of New Orleans, met on Plenty of Fish about 4 years ago. They took their time to get to know one another as people and friends, and according to Amelia, took courting to a new level by dating for 8 months before they became a couple. Jason decided to surprise Amelia by proposing using black stickers are her front door. As she was leaving, she initially missed the message, so Jason had her go back inside to make sure they didn't leave anything. When she came back out, she realized what was on her door, and the rest is history! They're set to marry in May, and I wish them nothing but love and happiness!


It's been awhile...


The purpose of me starting this blog was to share more of my portfolio and to let my readers in my personal space. As an introvert, this can be exceedingly difficult in both aspects. For one, I literally hate to sit down at my computer, especially when I have to go through thousands of images and try and select my favorites when I love almost all of them equally. The second reason is well...introvert lol. How much do I share? How much do I open up? What do I share? Is it too much information? Is it too little?

...and then I over analyze, and overwhelm myself and end up sharing nothing. ::SIGH::

So needless to say, trying to find the words and supporting images can be a bit much for me. All I really want to do is take amazing photos and give my clients the best part of my talent and capture their essence in photographs. That's it. Literally. But! and there is always a but - running a business comes with all kinds of bells and whistles and blogging is one of them. So, I am going to make my best effort this year to do just that. 

I can start by saying that these past few months I've taken a break. I was burnt out, and nothing kills an artist more than being ovehelmed to the point of being blocked creatively. I didn't want my work to suffer so I took a step back, and took a breather. 

Sometimes when I am overwhelmed with life, my batteries run on empty. It's important to make time for myself, so I recharge and rested. I started to work out, writing again, go to the coffee shop to read, spent more time with my family and friends, and I found down time to just exist in the moment. I'm happy to say I'm getting back to the old me. I recently got back behind the camera for an engagement shoot and I. HAD. A. BLAST! Stay tuned for my next blog, until then...

- xoxo, Q


Carie + Jonell - Maternity

I shot their engagement, their wedding, their birth announcement, and now their maternity session! I swear, these two are some of my favorite people. Kind, compassionate, fun and so so in love. I am so happy for Carie and Jonell, and I can't wait to meet baby Addison this summer!

Amiere - XULA Grad

My God sister Amiere, someone I've known since birth, is graduating next month. I've seen her grow from a kid into this smart, compassionate and beautiful woman over the years, and I couldn't be more proud of her. Nothing but amazing things for you Mimi! xoxo

Dara + Victor

Dara contacted me about a month ago to capture her engagement session during her student's dance competition. Immediately during our phone consultation, we hit it off like we'd known each other all our lives. I'm not sure what it is about my work that attracts my clients, but we always seem to click! My close friend and favorite Make-Up Artist, Tamara, assisted me during the session in the quarter, and we had a blast! New Orleans has some of the most beautiful architecture I've ever seen, and it complimented Dara and Victor so well. You can view their engagement images below!


Alaina + Bernard

I am very fortunate to have some very awesome clients. I meet so many people in my line of work and hear so many beautiful love stories. Sometimes these people become life long friends, after all, photographing your wedding is very intimate. So when I met Alaina and Bernard, even though we'd only corresponded through e-mails, during their engagement session, it felt more like I'd known them for years. Alaina, quirky and fun and beautiful has such a positive aura about her, and Bernard, or Bee as she calls him, ridiculously brilliant as he is comical, kept us laughing with his silliness. There's something so authentic about their love that just radiates from both of them. I am so looking forward to their wedding in September. In the meantime, check out the images from their session!


The Emanations of Quinntographer

The holidays are kind of chaotic, with last minute shoots, Holiday festivities, business venture number 2 taking off in a big way, family, traffic, and then the normal life stuff on top of that. As chaotic as it was, I still enjoyed every bit of it. Theres something about the ending of the year that brings that feeling of community and change. It could be the energy in the air, people collectively moving to make changes (for some itll stick, for others, not so much), but I love the way my friends and I can motivate each other to keep going, to keep thinking ideas into existence and pursuing our dreams, together. 

Seriously y’all, if you see my vision board and my goals, you would probably think I was crazy - but I know in my heart that the kind of things Im pursuing in my life are fulfilling and worth every sacrifice, things that matter to me and things that I’m participating in to make the necessary changes personally that Id like to see reflected back in the world. My biggest goal is to build and network with like minded individuals, people who selflessly uplift and support one another so that we can all be empowered. I am surrounded daily by talented, creative and business professionals, and we inspire each other and get things done! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to do what I do. I told myself that this was my year of giving back, of teaching and helping others grow and spread their businesses. 

With that said, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be teaching photography classes starting in February. If you want to learn more about photography, please e-mail me at to sign up for the Class List. 

I will be offering small businesses personalized branding, stock photography and consulting services. This service is completely customized toward you and your personality. Stay tuned for more details!

...and finally, Painting Life With Light is finally going to launch this year! I am super excited about this, as this was what got me into photography in the first place. If you know me, you know this is my end all be all of what I truly want to do with my life. 

In the meantime, here are some pictures from my holidays! Enjoy :)





Bijou's Disco 30th Birthday Party

Megan went all out for her 30th Birthday Party! She had a disco light installed, Coffy playing on a wall projector, and good old fashion tunes from the 1970s! Her guests were decked out in some of the retro trends, everything from bell bottoms to picked out afros dancing in the soul train line. Check out the good times below!



Bijou's Disco 30th Birthday Photoshoot

The big 3-0 is something worth celebrating; having made it through our awkward teens, our self discovery 20s, and our 30th, the entry into enlightenment. So when Megan asked me to document her for her 30th birthday, I was beyond honored. 

Megan had the concept to go retro - we’re talking about 1970’s Diana Ross. Together, we came up with a sexy look, big hair, vintage furniture and a natural feel for the shoot. Please enjoy the final product.




I love art. Art has a way of telling stories, whether through lyrics, paintings, dance or photographs. Art is born out of an idea, created by humble minds and beautiful souls. Art can also be an expression to bring awareness to injustices. When I received the email to RSVP to the Arts 4 Rights, I knew it was something I had to witness. #Art4Rights is an exhibit in the Bywater area of New Orleans that sheds light on the people around the world who face inprisonment for fighting for equal rights, self expression, and speaking out against injustice. 

"Through the Write for Rights campaign, organized every year in acknowledgement of Human Rights Day on December 10, hundreds of thousands of people around the world send a message to someone they've never met. Letter writing has always been at the heart of Amnesty International's human rights campaigning. With 54 years of human rights activism on our side, we see that the collective actions of our members really have the power to change lives. 

SPECIAL GUEST: Usher Raymond IV, in partnership with, will join Amnesty International USA’s Art for Amnesty for Art for Rights.

This year, Art For Amnesty is doing something different. We are amplifying Write for Rights with art. On December 12, a historic event will take place: ART FOR RIGHTS. Through a partnership with New Orleans artist, Brandan “BMike” Odums, we are collaborating with 12 artists to highlight the stories of 12 international cases through art and creative installations. The murals created by these 12 artists will call attention to cases of solitary confinement, torture, forced marriage, forced eviction, imprisonment for a miscarriage, LGBTI rights, death penalty, enforced disappearance and prisoners of conscience. The goals remain the same: to inspire participants to write letters and to take action.

Art can be a cultural tool during times of unrest to expose truths, helping to humanize social struggle and actualize grievances and fears. Often, art inspires us to take action. We've chosen to hold the inaugural event in New Orleans, the prison capital of the world. In New Orleans, Albert Woodfox, one of the 12 cases, has been held in solitary confinement for over 40 years. Art for Rights will be located in StudioBe, 30,000 square foot art studio, where we hope over 5,000 people will join Art For Amnesty for a one-day, free, pop-up art event, with the unveiling of the work by these amazing artists. Art for Rights will also feature local Cajun food and big brass band music for that New Orleans flair."



NOLA | Mini Meet Up

Impromptu photographer meet ups are always fun. Met some cool peeps and took the afternoon to just shoot for fun. We met in this dope coffee shop (Revelator Coffee on Tchoupitoulas) and ended up on the top of some random parking garage watching the sunset go down. All in all, it was a great ending to a beautiful day. 



The Hip Kid

One of the first shoots that I planned with a friend, Tamara Soup, a talented Make-up Artist, was one that we came up with over the summer. We'd put together a look and locations only to have to keep rescheduling because of weather and life haha. It was kind of funny when we finally settled on a date and time only to realize that in the process of moving, one of the key elements needed for the session, the dress, ended up in storage. So, we decided to wing it. We spent about an hour on make-up before we headed to the Bywater area. If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, this area is known for it’s artistic energy. The houses are adorable, painted in various colors that really make the neighborhoods pop, and you can find just about the best graffiti in this area. As we were shooting (again, perfect weather and lighting lol), we saw a really awesome mural that said The Hip Kid (which I regretfully did not get a photo of). After we wrapped up the session and I got home to edit, I couldn’t quite figure out what to name the session. After scrolling through these beautiful images, I remembered the mural, The Hip Kid, and it fit the session perfectly, Check out the images to see why :)

Make-Up: Tamara Soup/

Model: Anastasia Bostick



New Beginnings

I spent a week in Paris and Amsterdam. Mostly by myself. It was an experience that changed the course of my life (which has happened 10 times in my short 31 years). I was terrified and excited at the same time as I flew across the world to a foreign country where I knew very little about the culture, and even less the language. I did however leave with an open mind. 

I was prepared to experience Paris with every fiber of my being. I would be completely detached from my phone, internet, e-mails and friends. The purpose for my visit was to capture a close friend, Ellis, proposing to his long time girlfriend, Dalawna, and then to shoot their engagement around the beautiful city.

Not only did she say yes, but we spent the better part of that Wednesday capturing some amazing photographs in the City of Love. 

After, I spent the remainder of my trip wandering the streets, taking in the culture that reminded me so much of my hometown, and accepted the idea of starting over. See, prior to my trip, I was burnt out. I felt kind of stagnant in my business and other areas in my life, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So, I made a deal with myself that when I came back, I would throw everything I had back into my business, but with a twist. I had to revisit my core desire feelings of why I got into to photography in the first place, which was to document life in all of its authenticity and organic moments. At the end of my stay, I felt rejuvenated, and in a way, reborn. On my 13 hour flight back, I came up with a plan to rebrand, to build on what I had already created, a new website and look. I consolidated my websites, went through thousands of images to find the perfect ones that I felt reflected the type of photography I wanted to shoot, created a new logo, and relaunched XO Quinntographer. 

I spent nearly 2 weeks working on everything, and I’m proud of the final result. This is the first blog on this new website. I hope that you enjoy the photos from Paris, and to Ellis and Dalawna, congratulations! 



Positivity + Fitness + Natural Light = An Amazing Session with Footprints to Fitness

My good friend April Dupre with Footprints to Fitness approached me about a month ago to help her with a few projects. April has dedicated her life to helping others live a healthier lifestyle and in doing so, she has helped transform the lives of so many people with her positive mentality and generosity. She needed beautiful imagery for her social media, website and blog. I was super stoked to help out and we came up with a few ideas to complete the look for a few healthy styled photoshoots. We ended up meeting in City Park in New Orleans and having a blast! The weather was perfect, the light was even better, and we captured some amazing photographs! Check them out! 

April offers a bootcamp class every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 PM and Saturdays at 9:15 AM at 1001 Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124. You can also follow her on IG www.instagram/footprints_to_fitness and Facebook at