I spent a week in Paris and Amsterdam. Mostly by myself. It was an experience that changed the course of my life (which has happened 10 times in my short 31 years). I was terrified and excited at the same time as I flew across the world to a foreign country where I knew very little about the culture, and even less the language. I did however leave with an open mind. 

I was prepared to experience Paris with every fiber of my being. I would be completely detached from my phone, internet, e-mails and friends. The purpose for my visit was to capture a close friend, Ellis, proposing to his long time girlfriend, Dalawna, and then to shoot their engagement around the beautiful city.

Not only did she say yes, but we spent the better part of that Wednesday capturing some amazing photographs in the City of Love. 

After, I spent the remainder of my trip wandering the streets, taking in the culture that reminded me so much of my hometown, and accepted the idea of starting over. See, prior to my trip, I was burnt out. I felt kind of stagnant in my business and other areas in my life, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So, I made a deal with myself that when I came back, I would throw everything I had back into my business, but with a twist. I had to revisit my core desire feelings of why I got into to photography in the first place, which was to document life in all of its authenticity and organic moments. At the end of my stay, I felt rejuvenated, and in a way, reborn. On my 13 hour flight back, I came up with a plan to rebrand, to build on what I had already created, a new website and look. I consolidated my websites, went through thousands of images to find the perfect ones that I felt reflected the type of photography I wanted to shoot, created a new logo, and relaunched XO Quinntographer. 

I spent nearly 2 weeks working on everything, and I’m proud of the final result. This is the first blog on this new website. I hope that you enjoy the photos from Paris, and to Ellis and Dalawna, congratulations!