Amelia reached out to me earlier this month to photograph her engagement session. After we went over the details, we decided to go to City Park, one of our favorite places in the city. 

The day we shot was beautiful with a slight overcast with a soft breeze. We instantly connected as we had a lot in common, and over the course of an hour, we got to know each other and even learned we knew some of the same people (y'all know NOLA is super small).

Amelia, a Retention Specialist, and Jason, an Account for the City of New Orleans, met on Plenty of Fish about 4 years ago. They took their time to get to know one another as people and friends, and according to Amelia, took courting to a new level by dating for 8 months before they became a couple. Jason decided to surprise Amelia by proposing using black stickers are her front door. As she was leaving, she initially missed the message, so Jason had her go back inside to make sure they didn't leave anything. When she came back out, she realized what was on her door, and the rest is history! They're set to marry in May, and I wish them nothing but love and happiness!