I'm super excited to be working with you to photograph your wedding! I know this must be an exciting time for you as the day gets closer, and I know it could also cause some semblance of anxiety trying to make sure everything goes as planned! That's why I'm here - to make this beautiful event as seamless as possible.

I often hear when meeting couples for the first time that they are nervous in front of the camera, and don’t like having their picture taken. I get it, I truly do. Even I get self-conscious of a camera being pointed in my direction. I know what you're thinking - how is that I, a photographer, can also get nervous when a camera is pointed in my face?

As a photographer, I’m a firm believer that how you feel the moment your picture is taken has the biggest impact on how you will feel when you see the photograph again - so if you feel uncomfortable, nervous or any other negative emotion, when you look at the image, weeks, months or even years later, that emotion will be how you see yourself. Now imagine, looking back on an image from your wedding day on your golden anniversary and remembering how you laughed so hard because your husband told you the funniest, filthiest joke you’ve ever heard, or how you beamed like you were going to explode because he had just whispered the most romantic thing into your ear, and at that precise moment, never in your life never had you felt more loved.  For me this is where the power and the art of photography lies. This is where the magic happens.

I believe the best way to capture amazing images is to give very simple instructions. At the start, I’m going to pose you and tell you where to stand and roughly how to be. Once you are in the pose, I want you to feel free to be together. Laugh, talk, hold each other, really enjoy the moment together.

I'll give a few a posing tips, such as bring your arm down, tilt your chin up, or adjust the angle which I’m shooting from to make it more flattering. It’s my job to make sure you look as a good as possible (and this is where you should have confidence in my ability to make you look your best).

With that said...

here are a few extra tips to #RockYourWeddingPortraits!

1. Before I'm scheduled to start shooting, make sure that the rooms are cleaned. Cluttered/dirty rooms don't photograph well. Have housekeeping come in prior to my arrival and give it a good cleaning, or designate an area that you think would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye to capture some dope photos!

2. So that I can keep in touch with you without overburdening you on your big day, make sure to forward me the contact info to the Wedding Planner/Coordinator, and both the Maid of Honor and Best Man.

3. Have all sentimental items that you'd like details photos of (i.e. wedding dress, rings, shoes, jewelry, cuff links) together so that when I arrive, I can begin shooting right away.

4. Create a list of all immediate family members you'd like to take formal photos of. Once that's done, reach out to those family members to let them know that before or after the ceremony, we will be taking family portraits and to not go far (the less time we spend looking for people, the faster we can be done and you can get to partying).

5. During the first kiss, kiss with all the passion that your wedding day deserves. Hold each other in celebration of your love, and hold it for AT LEAST 3 seconds!

6. While we're off photographing you both, don't forget to bring towelettes in cases of warm weather and lipstick for touch ups.

7. For the first look, the only people that should be present is the Maid of Honor and Best Man to keep down confusion during this intimate moment.

8. Forward me the timeline for the day of so that I can keep track of everything that's going on.

9. I strongly recommend Unplugged Weddings. I can't begin to tell you how many times guests have ruined perfect ceremonial shots by standing in the aisles, using tablets or their own camera gear that ends up in the background of wedding images (sometimes it's so obtrusive, it can't even be photoshopped out). Before the ceremony starts, have your officiant advise your guests to not take photos or stand in the aisle.

10. and last but not least, focus only on each other, and enjoy the moment, let me worry about the pictures!