Somewhere along the way, it became bad luck for a groom to see his bride before the wedding - and somewhere else along the way, someone decided that this tradition needed to be thrown out the door. While some couples opt out for a First Look, others have found it to be a special moment for just the two of them. Your wedding day will be fast paced, and you won't have much time to yourselves until after the reception.

First Looks are intimate and emotional, as the day you've been planning is happening faster than it took to plan it, and seeing the person that you're about to say "I Do" to for the rest of your life is gong to fill you with even more happiness, excitement, anxiety and love - and that isn't something you can really express in words. It does however, photograph beautifully. With a First Look, you can hug, kiss, cry, and check her out in that beautiful wedding dress she hid from you for months, see how debonair he looks in his tux, and have that private moment to yourselves. It also helps to calm down your pre-wedding jitters, and you can focus on the moment and each other.

First Looks are also a great opportunity to knock out some of those formal photos with the wedding party and family members so that after the ceremony, you can go straight into the reception!

Special Note: First Looks are recommended to be limited to just the bride and groom.