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The Hip Kid

One of the first shoots that I planned with a friend, Tamara Soup, a talented Make-up Artist, was one that we came up with over the summer. We'd put together a look and locations only to have to keep rescheduling because of weather and life haha. It was kind of funny when we finally settled on a date and time only to realize that in the process of moving, one of the key elements needed for the session, the dress, ended up in storage. So, we decided to wing it. We spent about an hour on make-up before we headed to the Bywater area. If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, this area is known for it’s artistic energy. The houses are adorable, painted in various colors that really make the neighborhoods pop, and you can find just about the best graffiti in this area. As we were shooting (again, perfect weather and lighting lol), we saw a really awesome mural that said The Hip Kid (which I regretfully did not get a photo of). After we wrapped up the session and I got home to edit, I couldn’t quite figure out what to name the session. After scrolling through these beautiful images, I remembered the mural, The Hip Kid, and it fit the session perfectly, Check out the images to see why :)

Make-Up: Tamara Soup/

Model: Anastasia Bostick